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6 Critical Things You Need to Know When Planting Roses

8 Tips For Planting roses

When you first buy your rose plant from your local nursery it often looks beautiful and bushy and when you get it home and plant in the ground it starts to deteriorate and you wonder that happened. Well here are the 6 must know tips for making sure when you plant your rose bush that it continues to grow and flourish.

Tip 1: Choose a location in your garden that has full sun light or at least 6 hours of sunlight minimum. There are some types of roses that bloom in partly shaded areas but for the majority of rose bushes they flourish in spots that get lots of sunlight.

Tip 2: When digging a hole for your new rose bush make sure it is as deep as the bushes root ball. Generally, this is around 14-18 inches deep and 17-24 inches wide.

Tip 3: Make sure the soil you plant your rose bush in has good drainage. Roses will need regular deep watering but if the roots are left in wet soil for to many days they can begin to rot.

Tip 4: Roses are not practically fussy about soil but since they are heavy feeders it is best to mix in a handful or bone meal or superphosphate with the soil that was removed from the ground when digging the hole. This will give the rose bush some good nutrients and also help the bush acclimatize to its new home.

Tip 5: If you purchased your rose bush in a container it is best to gentle remove the plant from the pot and loosen the roots so they expand out which will give the rose bush the best chance of adapting to its new home.

Tip 6: Water deeply a least once per week for a few weeks until the rose bush has become stablished. You will know it has acclimatized when it starts to send out new growth on the stems.

If you follow these planting tips then your will enjoy beautiful rose bushes for years to come.

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