Thursday, 30 November 2017

Add outdoor Christmas decorations to your home and garden

Garden Force Christmas Lights

Add that extra touch with this Christmas lights this festive season by lighting up your home and garden.

Sparkle with fairy lights

Customise your home with fairy lights, save power and use solar powered fairy lights. Some lights change color and flashing functions.

Wrap them around the trees and drape over the fences or around the base of your plants to create that spectial magical look. Use plastic clips or hooks instead of pins or nails to protect against getting electrocuted.

Place the solar panels in a sunny position so the battery can fully recharge during the day to give you maximum wow factor at night.

Make an outdoor Christmas Tree

Give your garden a whole new look with a Christmas Tree feel on any established plant in your yard. Pick any tree in a good location and wrap it with draping fairy lights. With multi-colours and remote control operation, they’ll make your tree look amazing. Make sure you use water-proof lights.

Garden Force Fairy Lights










Light the footpath for Santa

Creat an amazing entrance to your home for Santa and your friends by lighting the entrance of your home with Solar-powered festive lights. Make an impression with soft blue lighting that illuminates the path and garden bed.

GARDEN FORCE Blow Up Decorations










Decorations larger than life

Make a BIG impression and maximum impact with life size blow-up decorations. Impress your neighbours and wow the kids with characters that have LED lights inside them. They are easy to inflate with built in fans. Some also come with stakes and fans so they don’t fly away.

Choose your lights

With such a huge range of festive lights you can buy anything from fairy lights to rope, blow-up and novelty lights either online or at your local shop. Let your imagination run wild and have fun!

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