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Top 3 Essential Tips For Growing Amazing Sunflowers

Sunflowers also know as Helianthus Annuus, they are beautiful large headed yellow flowers with a black central part that contains 1000’s of tiny florets that will later become  sunflower seeds. The petals of the sunflower are most commonly bright yellow but do also come in other varieties of orange and red. The typical sunflower can grow anywhere between 1.5m – 3.5m in height with the giant sunflowers growing as big as 8m in height.

If you are looking to grow your own sunflowers at home in the backyard here are the 3 top tips to make sure you have the best chance at growing vibrant sunflowers.

Tips 1: When is the best time to water sunflowers?

The roots of the sunflower can spread quiet wide which helps make them somewhat drought resistant. The optimal time to water the sunflower regularly is 20 before and after flowering. When watering before the 20 day period it is best to do a deep water which helps the sunflower establish it’s root ready for growing a top heavy flower.

Tip 2: Do sunflowers need fertilizer?

Fertilizer is not required to grow beautiful sunflower but it will definitely help, If the soil you are planting is is thin and poor it would be a good idea to add a slow acting granular fertilizer. Keep in mind the better the diet the larger the flowers.

Tip 3: Do Sunflower need support while growing?

In the early stages of growth their should be no need for any staking to support the stem but once the stem has reached 2.5m and over it would be a good idea to add a supporting steak as the stems can become quiet brittle, staking the flower will help with stem support and assist in growing a bigger flower.

Sunflowers are a beautiful flower to grown in your garden and look great as decorations inside once they have flowered. Not only are they a beautiful flower but there seeds are full of vitamins, they are rich vitamins B & E. sunflower seeds contain about twice the iron and potassium and about 4 times the phosphorus of beef.


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